Nov 2023–Jun 2024

Groundwork is a seven-month library residency at Canal Projects, New York. Over this period, the space will grow as a collective workshop for learning and convening—gathering together friends, old and new, to think and transform together.

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How to Launch an Interface


Jan 31, 2024

Canal Projects, New York

How can launching an interface become a collective endeavor? MENSCHMASCHINE, the Hamburg-based practice of Stella Friedenberger & Benedikt Rottstegge, are core design companions of Department of Transformation. They build websites that foreground visitors’ travels through the space and time of interactivity. As MENSCHMASCHINE completes their first foray into a website presenting their own work, they invite others to help participate in its creation—and completion. Please join us for a participatory gathering (with some liquid fuel!) to help push this out into the World Wide Web.


Studio explores the possibilities of interactive (semi-)virtual interfaces and their source code. Founded in 2021, they work as artists, designers, lecturers, and collaborators with fellows, clients, and institutions from multiple fields. In close collaboration with the Department of Transformation, they designed and developed its visual identity and website—representing a shared space for collective browsing. Within their artistic design practice they speculate about the shifting importance of interfaces between things and the things themselves.